Transforming Edinburgh Flooring Company's Website

From Drab to Fab: Edinburgh Flooring Company's Digital Makeover!

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Polishing Edinburgh Flooring Company's Digital Presence

Edinburgh Flooring Company, a trusted provider of wooden flooring in the Edinburgh area, was struggling with an outdated website that wasn't engaging users, lacked responsiveness, and failed to convert visitors into customers. The old site was essentially a digital roadblock, preventing the company from reaching its online objectives and full potential.


The Process

Recognising the urgency for a modern, user-friendly website, I initiated detailed discussions with Edinburgh Flooring Company to fully understand their needs and online goals. It was clear that a comprehensive overhaul was necessary, starting with the implementation of a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) using WordPress. I selected a theme that not only reflected the company's brand image but also ensured a smooth transition from their old site to a revitalised online presence.

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The Result

The new website, powered by WordPress and customised to fit the brand, has completely transformed Edinburgh Flooring Company's online experience. The modern design is visually appealing and highly responsive, ensuring seamless interaction across all devices. The site now captures user attention effectively and encourages customer engagement, resulting in a notable increase in inquiries and conversions.

The collaboration between Edinburgh Flooring Company and myself demonstrates the importance of understanding client needs and delivering tailored solutions. The revamped website has positioned Edinburgh Flooring Company for continued growth and success in the digital space.

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